March 11, 2018

Test Equipment You Can Build ...

~ The Nano Ohmmeter ~

What bench is complete without being able to measure resistance?  In this episode we tackle

the basics of measuring resistance with our Arduino base board and a new plug-in Test Gadget.  


This episode is a "virtual one" wherein N2APB and N2CX pre-recorded the podcast because of busy schedules this month.  Follow along as we extend the basic Nano Voltmeter from last episode, to create a Nano Ohmmeter.  No, we're not actually reading nano-Ohms, but we're using the Arduino Nano on our extensible baseboard with a plug-in to perform basic resistance measurements.  Later, we'll be taking this simple example, and all others, and extending them a tad further to be much more functional on our test benches.  But for now the basics!

73, George N2APB & Joe N2CX

Listen to the Podcast


CWTD Episode #86:  Test Equipment You Can Build ... The Nano Ohmmeter



Review of the Nano Voltmeter Test Gadget ... Watch video overview




(Download the software sketch and LCD Library from the Voltmeter whiteboard.)

Nano Digital Ohmmeter