April 17, 2012

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Vertical Antenna Installation

It's springtime, the grass is rising and the birds are chirping ... and the antenna plans you had simmering all winter long are now ready to be served!

Here's a session devoted to a careful and thoughtful installation of a 7-band Butternut antenna at the home of our dear friend in West Virginia: Nancy NJ8B ... Hope this gives you some good ideas for your own antenna-raising party; and perhaps you can toss in some of your own wisdom during our Teamspeak session!

~George N2APB and Joe N2CX

Audio Recording ... (Listen to MP3 recording)

Text Log ...

<20:04:58>"Ray K2ULR": KX3 #45 was delivered today.
<20:14:34>"Carlos - PY1EGG": Unfortunately I have to leave now... 73 DE PY1EGG
<20:14:52>"Joe N2CX": CUL Carlos 73
<20:27:49>"Joe N2CX": Note the pry bar and pickaxe next to the hole to handle the rocks
<20:31:13>"Rick K3IND": Hey, this is WV -- rocks should be NO surprise!
<20:34:55>"Joe N2CX": 6 ga electric wire plus tow copper/iron ground rods
<20:39:11>"Joe N2CX": like a bobby pin
<20:44:04>"George - N2APB": Design of ground radial systems ... http://www.antennasbyn6lf.com/design_of_radial_ground_systems/
<20:46:32>"George - N2APB": AIM 4170 Antenna Analyzer ... http://www.arraysolutions.com/Products/AIM4170.htm
<20:57:50>"Joe N2CX": the plate and hardware are adll stainless steel
<21:08:39>"Joe N2CX": Section name Feedback on feedback
<21:12:32>"Joe N2CX": Geo, another name for the mailbox section - Closing The Loop!



1) Choosing the site

2) Deciding on the mounting

3) Digging the hole

4) Cement base

5) Mounting antenna

6) Laying Radials

7) Feedline into the house

8) Tuning up!

Tilt-Over Base

-Put base below frost line
-Use anchors (rebar)

Ground Radial Kit

-DX Engineering
-Base plate + nuts, bolts
-Radial wire kits


Vertical Antennas

-Butternut HF6VX ($389)
-Hustler 5BTV ($189)
-Gap Eagle ($389)
-Cushcraft R8 ($539)


Tuning the Antenna ... with the AIM 4170



80m Scan

40m Scan

10m Scan


All Done!




1. Butternut HF9-V Vertical Antenna: http://www.bencher.com/ham/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=14

2. Footing depth values - Table 4-8 in: http://www.huduser.org/Publications/pdf/residential.pdf

3. Design of Ground Radial Systems:  http://www.antennasbyn6lf.com/design_of_radial_ground_systems/

4. DXE-RADP-3 Stainless Steel Ground Radial Plate: http://www.dxengineering.com/Parts.asp?ID=4866&PLID=47&SecID=109&DeptID={1EF0B53E-21FE-4C78-BBFD-DEA06A2B6B6D}&PartNo=DXE-RADP-3>



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