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Aug 27, 2013

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"What's on YOUR Bench?!"


This time we do something a little different ... in fact, something completely opposite! We usually establish a theme, pre-populate the whiteboard with notes and relevant information, and then Joe and I talk through the technology and the "designer experience", and then usually discuss a homebrew project that demonstrates/illustrates the principles of this episode.

Well this time, we do things completely in reverse. Aficionados of the Seinfeld TV series might recall the episode where George Costanza said "I'm going to do everything opposite from what I would normally do or say" ... and it gained him some temporary ecstasy. Same thing for us here in CWTD for episode 60.

In this episode we have all YOU do the talking ... and we chat about all the projects that YOU have on the bench, have completed, or perhaps in greater volume, all those projects that you are PLANNING. I know this last qualifier is really appropriate for me, as I have more projects lined up for the bench than I have time for in several lifetimes, let along the time I have remaining in this one!

Nonetheless, this can be a very interesting one to hear what grabs the interest of our listeners ... and perhaps we'll find a couple others who share the same "next cool project" as you!

So ... "What's on YOUR bench?!"  (Or in your mind, ...)

73, George N2APB & Joe N2CX

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Text Chat window from during the show ...

<20:02:27> "Terry WB4JFI": KX3 is a wonderful rig!!
<20:14:04> "Ray K2ULR": I still have a Rainbow Tuner (original version) kit "waiting for assembly. :)
<20:22:25> "Laz K2LAZ": I have one of those
<20:24:09> "Laz K2LAZ": diamond in the rough
<20:25:07> "Howie K3HW": I ordered a QRPME tube circuit board a couple of weeks ago and haven't received it yet.
<20:25:57> "Ray K2ULR": Word on the street is that W1REX is in FL on a family matter... so nothing is shipping.
<20:26:33> "Terry WB4JFI": Tek 323 scope?
<20:28:02> "Laz K2LAZ": Sounds like something from the series Lost!
<20:28:35> "Rick K3IND": Yup, a 323 indeed!
<20:29:04> "Eamon - VE2EGN": put enough of them, they will add up
<20:29:14> "Laz K2LAZ": No I mean the trans oceanic receiver, better make sure you don't invert the magnetic poles with that thing.
<20:29:38> "Terry WB4JFI": There was a matching spectrum analyzer box for the Tex323
<20:30:11> "Rick K3IND": also battery powered?
<20:31:46> "Howie K3HW": 10 9 volt in series will give you close to 100 VDC when they are new
<20:33:41> "Terry WB4JFI": How about 5-6 small 14.4V LiPo batteries in series?
<20:43:27> "Laz K2LAZ": great for self documentation
<20:43:40> "Howie K3HW": Can't modulate so... My project on the bench - AC-1, chassis was butchered when I procured it, modified for 6AG7 vice 6V6, simple mod for freq control w/Heathkit VF-1, VF-1 draws power from installed accessory octal socket, need to do a bit of voltage regulation, installed 1/4 inch jack for key.
<20:43:40> "Laz K2LAZ": draw lines and stuff on the cardboard
<20:43:53> "Laz K2LAZ": schematics with actual parts
<20:46:39> "Todd K7TFC": A fascinating homebrew method by Lou Destefano, VK3AQZ: http://www.vk3aqzkits.com/photo-gallery/homebrew-hints-2/
<20:48:06> "Pete - WB2QLL": Balsa wood also works well for a project board...from any hobby and some hardware stores.
<20:48:43> "Howie K3HW": old fashioned cigar boxes
<20:49:01> "Howie K3HW": lined with tin foil for a bit of shielding
<20:49:47> "Ray K2ULR": Another publication was "The Milliwatt".
<20:53:11> "David KC4ZVW": http://www.k7qo.net/muppet-family-20130613.jpg  -- Chuck, version of bread-board
<20:53:53> "George - N2APB": Buddy Pole Vertical ... http://www.buddipole.com/buddistick.html
<20:58:21> "Eamon - VE2EGN": I have a few project ideas to mention... mostly just ideas
<20:58:36> "Pete - WB2QLL": k8nds - helical mag loops http://qrz.com/db/K8NDS
<21:00:50> "Todd K7TFC": Helical loops: Richard Fusinki: http://www.qrz.com/db/K8NDS  . I had a QSO with him the other day. He was on his loops. Sounded great!
<21:03:29> "George - N2APB": Mag loops from K8NDS ... http://www.hlmagneticloopantennas.com/
<21:13:53> "Howie K3HW": Vern Wright W6MMA - newsuperantenna.com 
<21:15:35> "Ray K2ULR": <http://www.chigo.us/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&layout=category&task=category&id=8&Itemid=138>
<21:16:10> "Jeff - W7WWA": I use a mitsubishi hyper heat: http://www.mitsubishicomfort.com/en/consumer/product-solutions/product-showcase/indoor-units
<21:16:46> "Terry WB4JFI": HF metal toolcase $22.99 (sale): http://www.harborfreight.com/18-x-13-x-6-aluminum-case-69315.html
<21:18:09> "Terry WB4JFI": another HF case. Says aluminum, but appears to be "plastic" to me:
<21:18:15> "Terry WB4JFI": http://www.harborfreight.com/18-x-12-34-x-6-aluminum-case-69318.html
<21:18:23> "Howie K3HW": I keep my ER Magazines next to my Bible and old pre-70's Handbooks
<21:18:40> "Terry WB4JFI": Both cases are cheaper at my local Harbor Freight
<21:19:33> "Laz K2LAZ": I have Heathkit HW-101 that is asking to cleaned up and put back on the air (last time I used it was in 1994)
<21:20:02> "Howie K3HW": I love the HW-101 It was my dream radio in the 70's
<21:21:51> "Todd K7TFC": How I (try to) organize my many projects: http://www.flickr.com/photos/78990492@N02/sets/72157635267123418/  . I'm glad I'm not the only one who starts projects before finishing ones already going! For me, it's not only because I'm waiting for parts, either.
<21:22:44> "Howie K3HW": Eamon - I work on RDF systems for Submarines - using TOA and DOA... we can get 3 degree accuracy on HF on a 21 inch baseplate
<21:23:15> "Laz K2LAZ": The variac is one my pre-items needed to rebuilding the HW-101. The tough part is getting parts for the power supply; apparently it was used by many Heathkit radios is a rare bird to find
<21:23:28> "David KC4ZVW": http://www.tubesandmore.com/products/K-925  -- another kit on bench to build
<21:24:45> "Carl w2ptz": So many kits so little time. 12 kits and counting.
<21:25:15> "Ray K2ULR": The two antennas thing is diversity mode
<21:25:18> "Pete - WB2QLL": SDR receivers using PowerSDR can all use binaural.
<21:26:46> "David KC4ZVW": Todd: I also post pictures to flickr when I get stuff soldered together
<21:27:01> "David KC4ZVW": Familab in Orlando
<21:27:33> "Terry WB4JFI": HackDC is in downtown DC. Hams are welcome I believe, but not a lot are hams
<21:28:25> "Terry WB4JFI": http://www.hacdc.org/
<21:28:39> "David KC4ZVW": http://familab.org/blog/  -- 3d printing, 3d cutters and laser printers
<21:29:03> "Todd K7TFC": All about hackerspaces with lists of them around the country: http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/
<21:30:19> "Terry WB4JFI": HacDC has a story about Arduino-powered nanosatellite
<21:31:51> "Terry WB4JFI": Amen! Retirement does NOT give you more time.
<21:33:18> "Terry WB4JFI": http://newsuperantenna.com/
<21:33:22> "Pete - WB2QLL": Yes it does. I retired in April, have lots of time. Of course I have no family....
<21:33:35> "Carl w2ptz": This was a great program. It should be done every once and a while. :-)
<21:34:30> "Todd K7TFC": Hey, does the CWTD Yahoo site have a big picture of knitting and needlepoint like the others?
<21:36:52> "Howie K3HW": Pete WBsQLL - we were doing that to tune the BRA-21 HF Antennas on submarines back in the 70's

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