December 20, 2011

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Best QRP References

This being the 4th week, we had an online NJQRP club gathering theme ... "Best QRP References: Favorite QRP and ham radio books, magazines, reference web sites, old (tube) books, new (IC) books, you name it."

Everyone has their own favorites that we use all the time. But we bet that someone hasn't heard of your most useful and most interesting one. And if you are a designer yourself, you probably have a list a mile long!  Fellow designers Milt W8NUE, Dave AD7JT and Juha OH2NLT often drop in and share their tips with us all too.

And of course this will be in addition to any specific questions one might have about the NUE-PSK, SDR Cube, Micro908, HC908VFO, DDS-60, ...

George N2APB, Joe N2CX, Al VE3RRD, Chris W0ANM, Dave, AD7JT, Milt W8NUE, Gerry N2GJ, Ray K2ULR, Rick K3IND, Ted W2TAG, Frank N3PUU, Jim N2ADR, John KJ6CVB, Ken VA3KMD, Kevin KB3OMM, Juha OH2NLT, Paul VA6PW, Phil VK6APH, Tom AA2VK

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Online chat discussion log ... ... 

<20:12:13>"George - N2APB": Familiar source is ARRL
<20:12:27>"George - N2APB": ARRL Radio Amateur Handbook
<20:12:32>"George - N2APB": ARRL Antenna Book
<20:13:04>"George - N2APB": Several QRP books  (QRP Power, by Rich Arland, K7SZ)
<20:13:14>"George - N2APB": Antenna Compendium up to Vol 8
<20:13:27>"Rick K3IND": Question on "RF Design"...
<20:13:31>"George - N2APB": Experimental Methods in RF Design  ... Wes Hayward
<20:14:04>"Rick K3IND": mine has a lot of words missing...
<20:14:13>"George - N2APB": ON4UN's Low Band DXing  good reference for operating on 80/40/160m
<20:19:10>"Joe - N2CX": WB4JFI
<20:21:22>"George - N2APB": Excellent books from RSGB very high quality content …   RSGB Radiocommunication Handbook, and several other books covering UHF/VHF, antennas, etc.
<20:22:27>"George - N2APB": GQRP has British and Australian books …
<20:23:23>"Ray K2ULR": I have a book to add.
<20:27:45>"George - N2APB": ARRL Digital Signal Processing
<20:28:07>"George - N2APB": Oppenheim & Schaffer ... good ref for DSP algorithms and theory
<20:28:33>"George - N2APB": Microchip has great tools and libraries for embedded programming
<20:29:07>"Joe - N2CX": ARRL has a closout sale on Digital Signal Processing Technology!
<20:29:33>"George - N2APB": Practical Digital Signal Processing for Engineers and Technicians, on   ... good as a used book.  Gets into college level math, good for engineers, well illustrated
<20:32:25>"George - N2APB":
<20:34:56>"Joe - N2CX": I was lucky enough to get that book as a doorprize at the TAPR CC!
<20:35:30>"George - N2APB": Understanding Digital Signal processing, Second Edition, by Richard G. Lyons ... #1 reference recommendation
<20:36:04>"George - N2APB": Radio Frequency Design, by Wes hayward, from the ARRL Bookstore ... great for RF design material
<20:37:53>"Joe - N2CX": Education is expensive no matter how you get it!
<20:39:16>"George - N2APB": QRP Tech ... Yahoo group dealing with technical topics, run by Chuck Adams, K7QO
<20:42:02>"Joe - N2CX": K7QO tech list
<20:43:25>"George - N2APB": Austin QRP Group, AQRP Yahoo Group ... join it! ... Active projects: Morse Buddy, Digital Wattmeter, I2C/SPI interface for LCD display, Temperature/Barameter Kits with RF link ... just doing it for fun!  Google for K5BCQ Kits
<20:44:29>"Jim - N2ADR": Digital Signal  Processing in Communication Systems,  Marvin E. Frerking
<20:48:30>"Joe - N2CX": $130.31 on Amazon!
<20:49:50>"George - N2APB": HalfPriceBooks in Austin, TX
<20:49:53>"Joe - N2CX": Half Price books i this area has nearly no tch books...
<20:53:28>"George - N2APB": Boatanchor Manual Archive …   ... but it's down right now
<20:53:50>"George - N2APB": Wes Hayward W7ZOI …
<20:54:15>"George - N2APB": Snow camping with Wes and son Roger
<20:54:42>"George - N2APB": Steve Yates AA5TB Homebrew, antennas, loops …
<20:55:21>"George - N2APB": Successful antennas, antenna calculator for parameters of Mag Loops (STLs), hands-on info and usage of EFHW (end fed half wave antennas)
<20:55:39>"George - N2APB": Harry Lythall  Homebrew …
<20:55:50>"oh2nlt": Thank you for interesting meeting. Unfortunately I have to leave now.
<20:56:03>"George - N2APB": Hans Summers Homebrew …
<21:02:19>"George - N2APB": Here's my customized links ... "my favorites!" ...    (N2APB)
<21:04:10>"Joe - N2CX":
<21:04:41>"George - N2APB": Basic programming information for 16-bit microcontrollers by Lucio Di Jasio "Prgramming 16-bit Microcontrllers in C"  (aka: Learning to fly the PIC24)  See link above.
<21:06:57>"George - N2APB": FPGA reference:  Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems, using Altera Gate arrays ... Cypress line of gate arrays, Microchip provides the IDE (development system), by Hanlon, Paul and Furman (spelling?)
<21:14:11>"George - N2APB": DSP "Short Course" frm TA{R Digital Communications Conference 2010 ...
<21:18:46>"George - N2APB": "Wirebook V" by Press Jones, N8UG ... available from The Wireman ...
<21:19:26>"Ray K2ULR": Simple Test Equipment for the QRPer by G3MFJ & G4WIF.
<21:20:24>"George - N2APB":   Simple Equipment for the QRPer
<21:24:19>"Joe - N2CX": Good for small club kit runs!
<21:24:33>"Ray K2ULR":
<21:27:03>"George - N2APB": Reference site for Peter G3XJP ... His documents are very good reference material, describing basic fabrication and includes rationale for the development.  Example: PIC-A-STAR series of articles from RADCOM.  Antojer;  Automated antenna tuner: PIC-A-TUNE ... good insight to Q and losses.  see link to follow from Larry.
<21:28:09>"Larry-W2HHV": PicATUne and Pic-a-STAR II Projects by Peter, G3XJP at


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