December 6, 2011

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Best Kits!

For tonight’s discussion, we'll be discussing a survey of currently available kits, their value, where to get them, how to use them, etc. Great topics for “stocking stuffers” this Christmas season!   And of course this will be in addition to any specific questions one might have about the NUE-PSK, SDR Cube, Micro908, HC908VFO, DDS-60, ...

73, George N2APB & Joe N2CX

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Online chat discussion log ...

<20:17:03>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... Arduino kits (N2CX)

<20:22:05>"Ray K2ULR": Reminder.. it's PTT.. not just hit the key

<20:23:22>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... Genesis G59 SDR kit, Arduino (WiFi radio project w/router), SDR 5W amp HF Projects & Filter Kit (W0ANM)

<20:25:37>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... Penny Whistle 20W amp, new 10m antenna in an antenna-restricted neighborhood (AD7JT)

<20:27:26>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... ATS-3, HRO-M(?), HRO-60 (AA3UR)

<20:28:07>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... QRP Kits PRF-3, Active Audio Filter (LM386 vs. LM380?) (WA2DJN)

<20:30:54>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... NorCal QRP Pwr Meter, Softrocks, NJQRP classic, AMSAT projects (analyze telemetry from ARISAT, spiraling in over next couple of months, upcoming FOX-1 sat  (KA2UPW)

<20:34:43>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... Arduino projects, Softrock Ensemble RXTX 17/20/30 (N3PUU)

<20:34:53>"Chris - w0anm": small wonder labs sw-40 great price, single band easy build

<20:35:13>"Frank N3PUU": thx Chris

<20:35:56>"Joe - N2CX": SW-40 a great choice but has VFO unlike SW-40 which is one freq!

<20:37:44>"Chris - w0anm": small wonders makes both rockmites and sw-40.  sw-40 does have vfo as rockmites are rockbound.  My sw-40 works much better that the rockmite.

<20:38:09>"Chris - w0anm":

<20:38:20>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... SDR Cube, Rock-Mite (NJ2E)

<20:39:12>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... precision Freq Measurement, Parallax "Propeller" chip to control a Rubidium freq standard, Micro908 Antenna Analyzer, (N5VP)

<20:41:27>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ...N2PK VNA with (helper kit), NUE-PSK modem and ICD2 programmer, (VA3KMD)

<20:45:58>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... G3XJP "PIC-A-STAR"!!!!! instrumentation kits, Si570 Sig Gen, SWL-40, Modular Spectrum Analyzer 8307-based log detector (W2HHV)

<20:46:23>"Joe - N2CX": Small wonder labs sells cabinet and external controls kits as well as SW40

<20:52:19>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... STM discovery board, Arduino Teensy++, AQRP Plug-in, EasyDSP from TI, Softrock Ensemble RXTX, AQRP's SDR2GO + Softrock, AQRP Digital Wattmeter, I2C graphics display & panadapter (W8NUE)

<20:53:38>"Joe - N2CX": Radio shack is selling some Arduino and Parallax kits!

<20:55:25>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... KX3, QRP Kits Tuner, [K2ULR)

<20:59:12>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... Benton Harbor Lunch Box(!), PICAXE (!!!), SCAF Audio Filter for the SB1400 Transceiver (K3IND)

<21:01:19>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TPOIC: Boatanchors: Collins R-390, Viking Invader 2000, National 183D, HRO-60, HRO-Jr (N2APB

<21:05:14>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TPOIC: Elecraft 2-Tone Generator, Directional Couplers [K2CK]

<21:10:18>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... Simple Sweeper a la Arduino, remotable Elecraft T1 Tuner, remote tuning the MFJ and Midnight Loops, portable operating desk, American Morse Keyer, wishlist of books(!): PDF/Kindle material, K8IQY "Magic Box T/R Switch" [N2CX]

<21:11:10>"Joe - N2CX": Hi Q

<21:20:10>"Bill - KD5TFD": Need to select the QRP Homebrewing Tab I'll bet

<21:20:21>"Rick K3IND": test

<21:21:56>"Douglas KA2UPW":

<21:22:15>"Douglas KA2UPW": and

<21:24:06>"Joe - N2CX": k7sz

<21:24:15>"Joe - N2CX": k7sz

<21:25:34>"George - N2APB1": ***** KIT TOPIC ... RTCC option with the NUE-PSK modem [K2CK)

<21:25:37>"Rick K3IND": Built a rtty filter w/88mh toroids in 1963 -- hooked to a Kleinschmidt!

<21:26:12>"Chris - w0anm": Rick, I did too, a rtty decoder with a model 19.. (late 70's)

<21:26:39>"Rick K3IND": five!

<21:35:51>"George - N2APB1": Elecraft XG-2:  Measures sensitivity, selectivity, S-meter calibration ... good signal source

<21:36:38>"George - N2APB1": Audio amplifiers:  LM386 (popular, higer hiss, possibly less stable, lower power)

<21:38:17>"George - N2APB1": Audio Amps:  LM380 ... more power output, more stable, less hiss, more power required (+20ma)

<21:40:06>"Chris - w0anm": not yet, maybe next year :)

<21:43:40>"Rick K3IND": George, Heath SB-1400 is repackaged Yaesu FT-747GX

<21:46:42>"Chris - w0anm": I've built an arduino HF amp controller for evaluation for a larger amp project.

<21:46:48>"Joe - N2CX": ST microelectronics TDA2822M stereo power amp in DIP

<21:48:30>"Rick K3IND": round-tuits make great stocking stuffers!

<21:52:27>"Bill - KD5TFD": No panadapter  === no fun

<21:56:00>"Joe - N2CX":

<21:56:16>"Joe - N2CX": SW-40 is from Small Wonder Labs

<21:56:39>"Frank N3PUU": Thanks for the kit tips!

<21:57:26>"Ray K2ULR": Hendricks is supposed to be kitting the SMK-1 again soon.

<21:59:13>"Bill - KD5TFD": Was free

<22:00:27>"Bill - KD5TFD":

<22:01:18>"Ray K2ULR":

<22:06:14>"Bill - KD5TFD": Have a funcube .. bummer is the docs are mostly under NDA ... don't think it has bandwidth to really do broadcast FM

<22:07:13>"Douglas KA2UPW":

<22:07:13>"Milt-W8NUE": STM32f4discovery board--$16.25 at Mouser

<22:10:52>"Milt-W8NUE": Must go also.  73 guys, Milt

<22:11:16>"Chris - w0anm": 73 guys, and thanks!

<22:12:30>"Frank N3PUU": 73 and goodnight folks!

<22:12:38>"Ray K2ULR": 73

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