November 29, 2011

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Round Robin on Technology

George N2APB, Joe N2CX, Bill KD5TFD, Bruce N1RX, Carl W8KRF, Chuck WA6LTV, Dave AA3UR, Gerry N2GJ, Jim N2ADR, John KE3S, Joe KC2VGL, Ken VA3KMD, Milt W8NUE, Frank N3PUU, Chris W0ANM

Online chat discussion log ...
Joe N2CX -- Sweeper: Sweep frequency into a Device Under Test and measure/plot response on a log detector
Bruce N1RX -- Battery sleep timer
Carl W8KRF
Chuck WA6LTV -- Need a customized filter display, 1% accurate power meter
Dave AD7JT -- Overview of the keyer software for the NUE-PSK modem
Gerry N2GJ
Douglas ____ - ARISSAT TLM w/AMSAT
Ken VA3KMD -- Software in the Micro908
Milt W8NUE -- AQRP projects
Frank N3PUU -- Batter monitor, INA 219 "High Side Current & Shunt Monitor"
Chris W0ANM

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