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Setting up Teamspeak3

Quick guide for setting up TeamSpeak3 on Windows ...

  1. Teamspeak3 is available for Windows, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android phones & tablets, and more.  Download the version you need from and run the setup wizard once the application is on to your platform.  For these instructions, we will describe the process used to install TeamSpeak3 on a Windows computer.
  2. Make sure you download the client installation for 32-bit computers
  3. Run the program and see the TeamSpeak3 Client Setup Wizard appear ...
  4. Accept the license and click OK for all the standard options until you get to the green bar saying that it is installing the client, which will take a few minutes to complete. 
  5. When the installation screen says "Completed", close the window and see the Thank You screen.  Close the browser.
  6. Double-click the new TeamSpeak3 shortcut icon that was placed on your desktop and see the Welcome to TeamSpeak Setup Wizard.  Click <Next>.
  7. Enter your Nickname, like "George N2APB" and click Next>.
  8. See the Microphone Settings window and select Push-To-Talk. 
  9. Press the Right-Ctrl key and see RIGHT CTRL appear in the button
  10. Press the Right-CTRL key now to see that it is active.  Click <Next>
  11. Just click Next again for the Speaker Mute hot key.  This one is optional.
  12. Click next again for the Sound Pack Choice (if you life the female voice annunciating things ... you'll hear this later on.)
  13. Just click Next for the Volume adjustment.  (Default is okay)
  14. See the All Done! screen and click Finish
  15. Close the Browser showing the map of TeamSpeak hosters.
  16. Close the Window showing Different TeamSpeak servers
  17. See the main Teamspeak3 window and select the Connections --> Connect menu item. 
  18. See the Connect window with the nickname you previously entered
  19. In this screen, enter the server address ( and the password (PlayRadio)
  20. As soon as you then click on the Connect button, the TS3 client will connect to our server and you will see at least four "channels" displayed on the screen ...
  21. You're in!  Just click on the channel you wish to participate in (like QRP Homebrewing), which moves your nickname down into that channel.
  22. You can join in on the online discussions just by pressing your PTT key (the Right-Ctrl key on the keyboard) and speak up!  See the blue light come on by your name when you press the PTT, thus indicating that you are "transmitting".  You should generally try not to talk at the same time as when others are talking.
  23. Note that many computers have a built-in sound card.  If you use an external headset or microphone, you might need to select that Audio Device in the Settings menu at the top of the screen.  Pull down Options item and experiment with your settings.  (You can even test your Playback and Capture devices in this screen.
  24. Note also that you probably will want to disable the voice annunciation feature, as this is distracting while you are talking or listening to others.  This feature may be switched off in the Self menu.  Select "Sound Pack" and then "Sounds Deactivated".
  25. When you wish to leave the online discussion session, just select the "Connections" menu item and click "Disconnect"


Quick guide for setting up TeamSpeak3 on Ubuntu Linux ...

Download the latest client installation program to your desktop.  (

Follow the prompts and at the appropriate spot enter the required credentials: server address ( and the password (PlayRadio). 

Follow the other guidance from Step 20 onward (above).



For more complete details in setting up TeamSpeak3, see the "TeamSpeak Quickstart Guide" here.


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