Member Projects


1) An Arduino Freq-Mite, by Mike WA8BXN ... Here is an Arduino project I worked on to give the functionality of a Freq-Mite (CW announcement of rig frequency). Source code provided. Details provided for use with NC40A but could be adapted to other rigs.


2) Adding a Keyer to the Arduino “Freq-Mite” for the NC40A, by Mike WA8BXN ... Here is my Arduino project again, but this time adding a simple memory keyer to the original "freq-mite" functionality. Included is the original description as well.



3) Teensy-Si5351 Audio Signal Source, by Jim WB8NBS ... One of my winter projects is an Si5351 based signal source.  It has three channels each with a frequency range of 500 khz to 160 mhz, probably much more I have not checked its limits. I am currently designing an audio frequency adapter that will divide the frequency down to 2.5 hz to 25 khz range. That will use the  MAX294 filter chip to produce a sine wave, inspired by Kieth Kunde K8KK's article "Low Distortion Audio Oscillator" in January 2018 QST.